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Daily Schedule
(Mon) Tues-Thursday
(9:25) 8:25 Announcements & Calendar
(9:45) 8:45 Reading
(10:55) 10:10 Break (Snack & recess)
10:30 Intervention
(11:10) 11:00 Writing
(11:55) 11:35 Lunch & Recess
(12:50) 12:20 Specialist
(1:30) 1:15 Story
(1:45) 1:30 Math
(2:30) 2:15 Science/Social Studies
(3:10) 3:10 Dismissal
Students of the Month
September--Self Management
**Lily & Ashton

**Alia & Austin

November & December--Kindness
**Leilani, Millijaneth, & Robert

**Bailey & Sophia

**Madison & Maurice

**Evelyn & Alyssa

**Hayley & Reese

**Andres & Jackson

Even numbered days are girls' sharing days; odd numbered days are for boys' sharing.
Reading Awards
Students who meet or exceed the monthly goals for reading at home are recognized.

September (400 min.): Alia, Alyssa, Blake, Evelyn, Lily, Maurice, Madison, Nathaniel, Reese, Sophia, & Zimora. Way to Go!

October (410 min.): Alia, Austin, Lily, Maurice, Madison, Nathaniel, Reese, Sophia, & Zimora. Nice work!

November (420 min.): Alia, Austin, Lily, Maurice, Madison, Millijaneth, Nathaniel, Reese, Sophia, & Zimora. Well done!

December (430 min.): Austin, Lily, Maurice, Madison, & Reese. Nice work!

January (440 min.): Alia, Alyssa, Austin, Lily, Maurice, Madison, Millijaneth, Nathaniel, Reese, & Sophia. Loving it!

February (450 min.): Alia, Alyssa, Austin, Kendall, Lily, Maurice, Millijaneth, Reese & Sophia! Way to go!

March (460 min.): Reese, Maurice, Madison, Lily, Austin, Alyssa, & Alia. Keep it up!

April (470 min.): Alia, Austin, Lily, Maurice, & Reese. Awesome reading!!

May (480 min.): Alia, Austin, Maurice, Madison, Millijaneth, Nathaniel, Noah M & Reese. Keep reading this summer!

Perfect Attendance
September: Bailey, Leilani, Maurice, Madison, Nathaniel, Noah M., Sophia, Xander, & Zimora.

October: Ashton, Zimora, Xander, Sophia, Lily, Noah H., Robert, Reese, Leilani, Millijaneth, Austin, Madison, & Blake.

November: Bailey, Blake, Leilani, Maurice, Millijaneth, Nathaniel, Noah H., Reese, Sophia, Willow, Xander, and Zimora.

January: Ashton, Nathaniel, Maurice, Xander, Alyssa, Sophia, Lily, Bailey, Noah M., Leilani, Madison, Willow, and Alia!

February: Hayley, Ashton, Nathaniel, Kendall, Maurice, Xander, Alyssa, Sophia, Andres, Evelyn, Noah H., Noah M., Leilani, Millijaneth, & Alia.

March: Evelyn, Leilani, Alyssa, Sophia, Reese, Bailey, Nathaniel, & Maurice.

April: Ashton, Nathaniel, Maurice, Alyssa, Sophia, Andres, Bailey, Noah M., Leilani, Millijaneth, Austin, Madison, & Alia.

May: Millijaneth, Maurice, Nathaniel, Noah M., Leilani, Bailey, Evelyn, Alia, Reese, Willow, and Jackson.
Scholastic News Online
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• User name is WINTER’S CLASS
• The password is zoodust2
Reading at Home
How do I get my 20 minutes of daily reading?
• Read during snack time
• Keep a few books in the car
• Make a set time to read aloud to your child—even for just 5 minutes!
• Add reading into transitions—while you clean up lunch or getting reading to leave
• Read everything: signs, food boxes, magazines, etc.
• Keep books by their beds
• Have a set time for your child to read quietly to themselves
• Play reading games: Hangman, Brain Quest, BananaGram, Scrabble, etc.
• Read while you wait at a restaurant or doctor’s office
• Listen to stories online. Try “Storytime Online”
• Read activity books, such as cook books or Klutz books

¿Cómo puedo obtener mis 20 minutos de lectura diaria?
• Leer durante la merienda
• Mantenga un par de libros en el coche
• Haga una hora fija para leer en voz alta a su hijo-incluso por sólo 5 minutos.
• Agregar la lectura en las transiciones-mientras limpia o se aliste para irse.
• Lea todo: letreros, cajas de comida, revistas, etc.
• Mantenga los libros por sus camas
• Tenga una hora fija para que su hijo lea en voz baja a sí mismo.
• Jugar juegos de lectura: Hangman, Brain Quest BananaGram, Scrabble, etc.
• Leer mientras espera en un restaurante o un consultorio médico
• Escuchar historias en línea. Trate "Cuentos en Línea"
• Leer libros de actividades, tales como libros de cocina o libros Klutz